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Anti UAV Large Fixed Drone Signal Jammer , Base Station 1 - 3 Km Drone Radio Jammer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TX TELSIG
Certification: SGS,ISO9001
Model Number: TX-JZ01
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Box With PE Foam
Delivery Time: 2 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, etc.
Supply Ability: 50,000pcs/month
Detail Information
Type: Large Fixed Dorne Jammer Rated Voltage: AC 110V/240V (switchable)
Rated Power: 300W Output Power: 190W
Frequency: 2.4G, 5.8G, GPS L1 Installation Height: 3~15m
Jamming Range (radius): 1000 ~ 3000 Meter Installation: Wall Hanging Or Pole Holding
Antennas: 4 Directional Antennas Net Weight: 35Kg(include Antenna)
Keyword: 2.4 Ghz Frequency Jammer
High Light:

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drone frequency scrambler

Product Description

Large Fixed Drone Jammer Anti UAV Counter Base Station 1 - 3 Kelemeter 2.4G 5.8G and GPS


Large Fixed Drone Jammer Base Station

TX-JZ01 fixed drone jammer is a device that can protect an area from UAV’s disturb. The jamming radius more than 1000 meters, and 360-degree coverage. If there are UAV in the jammer area, it will force landing or force returning. It can work continuously and no need guard.

It is the ideal protection solution for critical locations and installations.


Anti UAV Large Fixed Drone Signal Jammer , Base Station 1 - 3 Km Drone Radio Jammer 0

360° Omni-Directional Interceptor 

The 4 directional antennas are set in four directions. Each antenna has a shielding range (horizontal) of 90°, giving 360-degree Omni-directional for convenient use. Blocker drone signal immediately after switching on. No need to aim.

The jammer usually installs on the roof or other high places for easy form a complete defense system.




The TX-JZ01 jammer system control radius at least 500~3000 meter, the factors as follows:

  1. The distance between the drone and remote control
  2. If there are obstructions between the drone and antenna
  3. The drone type, special frequency-hopping drone the radius may about 500 meters, ordinary UAV control radius over 1000meters



The jammer main for frequency 2.4G, 5.8G, and GPS(1.5G), if you need other frequency please contact us to customize.

Channel Quantity Frequency Output power
1.5G 1 1550~1580MHz 47 dBm±1
2.4G 1 2400~2500MHz 50 dBm±1
5.8G 2 5700~5900MHz 43 dBm±1
5.1G Customizable of needs


There are three buttons on the main host case 2.4G(2400), 5.8G(5700), GPS(1.5G), the next is a form about the different result of different status

Button Status


2.4G/5.8G ON Drone fored returning
2.4G/5.8G OFF Drone in Pose Mode
2.4G/5.8G ON Drone forced landing

GPS(1.5G) channel affect the normal use of civil aviation 

communication, phone or vechile GPS navigation.
Please use with caution!


The basic parameter of jammer TX-JZ01

Basic Parameters
Model TX-JZ01
Jamming radius 500-3000 meter
Output 190W
Power consumption 380W
Size 530*410*230
Antenna size  1240*280*80(7.3Kg/per)
package size 850*550*400
Net Weight 35Kg(include antenna)
Ambient Temperature -40℃~55℃
Relative Humidity 35~85%
Installation ways Wall hanging/pole holding 
Installation Height 3~15m
Shell material Aluminium alloy



  • ◎ The jammer is designed to be waterproof and can be installed indoors and outdoors. Before use, it must be ensured that each output port is connected to the antenna without any error. (The long-term no-load of the port will cause equipment damage)
  • ◎ Do not turn on the power before the antennal installed. And forbidden to remove the antenna when the host is working.
  • ◎ The jammer should be installed in a well-ventilated and No obstruction place to ensure the shielding effect.
  • ◎ Installing outdoor, please caution that the connector should be waterproof and avoid exposure.
  • ◎ Adjust the angle of the antenna to cover the area you aim to.

Anti UAV Large Fixed Drone Signal Jammer , Base Station 1 - 3 Km Drone Radio Jammer 1


Main for misused drones 

Drones have become an integral part of our lives. They provide filmmakers with spectacular images and deliver urgently needed medicines to remote areas. But when misused, they can cause damage in the millions. This has driven up the demand for highly effective and reliable drone defense systems TX Fixed Anti Drone System

The growth of the civil drone market has resulted in criminal entities increasingly utilising low cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), known as drones, to threaten Critical National Infrastructure, prisons, airports and other sensitive sites where traditional security measures are easily defeated. These small and extremely agile platforms can be used to deliver contraband, capture intelligence and potentially deploy explosives without detection.


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