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Four Solutions for UAV jamming system

November 20, 2019

Four Solutions for UAV jamming system


The widely use UAV has forced the generation of opposite UAV jamming system technology.


As Sience is reforming and changing, the UAV industry is expanding much in past years. Some high-tech UAVs , which only can be seen in past Science Fiction Movies, is now advertently adopted in various fields such as Military detection, Enviromental testing, Power patrol inspection, Disaster relief, News Report, Express and Logistics, Remote sensing survey and mapping, Agricultural Irrigaiton, etc, and is presenting an explosive growth in each field. Along with the continuously reducing price of UAV, it is quite possible that the predicted “UAV universal Access ”by some experts will be realized in very near future. Due to the drone’s obvious features such as High altitude, Super Speed, Invisibility, HALE,etc, it has been playing a more and more important role in wars, also posing a enormous threat to the

traditional National Airspace Denfensing System. Nevertheless, the management system towards UAV flying is not enacted. The abused UAV has been a high risk for public security and individual privacy.


When we are confronted with the above problems brought by the common use of UAV, a new industry of UAV jammming is gradually formed up. In the past several years, its urgent demand and plan has been put forward by many countries such as China, USA, Russia, Germany and UK etc; an actively study was also made for UAV jamming system.


The jamming system consists of two functional parts: first, sense&detection; second, jamming.

Generally, the UAV jamming technology can be divided into four types: Destroy, Monitor&Control, Signal Cheat and Interfere, and the details is as below:


1. Destroy Type: mainly includes the anti-UAV laser cannon, which will exactly target the UAV and directly destroy it by power strength.


2. Monitor&Control Type: cuts off the UAV transmission code to control UAV and leads its returning home


3. Signal Cheating

Mostly is the GPS signal camouflage and has two kinds:

a. Autonomous Signal Cheating: the cheating system will tansmitt a faulse signal distance to the user receiver. The receiver will then calculate out a wrong data of location and speed.

This kind seems to have a nice operability, but actually, to realize this signal cheating, we have to fully master the GPS signal structure including the code structure, navigation content, etc., which is the core technology of GPS system. As we all know, it is quite hard to obtain the corresponding technical materials.

b. Repeating Signal Cheating: the princinple of GPS system (including BDS and Glonass) is not directly offering the target location, but the GPS satellite will provide the user receiver with the satellite coordination and local clock time. Then, the user receiver will resolve out the self location and time service by those information. No matter how the GPS encrypt, this way advantage is that we can get across the downlink frequency of satellite and achieve the signal cheating.


4.Interfering Type: transmitts a high power interfering RF frequency to break down the link of UAV and its remote control, then forcing the UAV returning home or slowly landing.


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