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Common radio frequency of FPV drones

September 3, 2020


Common radio frequency of FPV drones

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There are two sepearte systems used on many modern drones

* flight control system

* FPV (First Person View), transmitting video and picture to the ground

If the two are used on the same “band”, they will interfere with each other and lead to the flying or FPV problem.


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Most used frequency for FPV is 900MHz, 1.2G, 2.4G, 5.8G, etc.

ISM2.4- 2400-2483MHz usually for controling drone flying and location, partly reclosing to WIFI2.4G -2400-2500MHz.

ISM5.8 - 5725-5850MHz, usually for transmitting video and pictures to the ground, such as DJI Phantom series.

For example:

* Phantom1,Phantom2, the flying control is operated on 2.4G frequency

* Phantom FC40, use 5.8G controlling system

* Phantom 2 Vision and Vision+- - both use 5.8GHz for drone control and 2.4G for FPV-- camera, telemetry and smartphone app.


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