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Can the phone signal jammer block the 4G signal?

December 10, 2019

Can the phone signal jammer block the 4G signal?

Today, let us discuss about whether phone signal jammer can interfere the 4G network signal, to have a comprehensive knowledge of phone signal jammer.

Here we share some points of phone signal jammer as below:

1. Except the widespread 4G network signal, the normal mobile communication signal also includes the 3G which is popular in past years and 2G adopted by some elder people mobiles. Although 5G has become a discussional thesis nowadays, there is still some time before its throughout in world.


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2. It is clear that the specific phone signal jammer can definitely interfere the 4G network signal.

The mobile phone works within a certatin frequency range and connect with the base station via the wireless radio wave by a certain baudrate and modulation mode to achieve the transmission of sound and data.

Against this princinple of communication, the phone signal jammer scans the forward-channel at a certain speed from low end to high end. This scanning can interfere the article packet receipt of mobile phone. Thus the phone can not detect the output data from the base station, nor link with BTS as normal. And the phone also will be at an unnormal status such as searching the network, no-signal and no-service system, etc

3. The key to jam 4G phone signal is to check whether there is an according frequency jamming module inside the phone signal jammer.

The 4G network has a wide band from 800M to 2.4Ghz. Once the 4G signal jammed, the WiFi and Bluetooth will not be used normally cause some 4G band is almost the same as the WiFi 2.4G.