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Customized Car Vehicle Anti RCIED Jammer for Iraq customer

May 27, 2020

Latest company case about Customized Car Vehicle Anti RCIED Jammer for Iraq customer

Customized Car Vehicle Anti RCIED Jammer for Iraq customer


As we all know, Iraq is always suffering from battle and wars. The RCEID devices prevail there by phone signal and wirelss radio, and often attacks the driving vehicles suddenly and unexpectedly. Thus, the scary vehicle accidents happen almost everyday and everythere.


Mr. A.K is from Kurdistan, a peaceful place near Iraq, but often facing the danger of RCIED too. He finds us selling signal jammers at Huaqiangbei Electroincs Market when a visit in China and finally comes to our factory. He tries to find a solution to reduce the risks in life, also preparing to resell these products to other customers in Kurdistan. The school jammers are in his business range.


From his requirement, we know that he needs a signal jammer to shield the Iraq/Kurdistan phone VHF UHF signal at same time in a range of 30-50 meter, and directly used on car or other vehicle. And it is used to prevent RCIED detonation and for convoy and VIP executive protection by creating electronic countermeasures, to reduce the injury and loss of life for both Kurdistand and Iraq end-customers.


We recommend a solution for him and he seems satisfying. There are several times modification in the processing but it doesn’t influence its final effect.

A. Car Vehicle Jammer:

1. Shielding Radius: 50-100meter

2. Built-in Battery: 24V 70AH lats 2 hour

3. Power converter added: it will continuously work when car power on

4. Customized Frequency as required in (Iraq/Kurdistan)

Total high power 350W:

1)GSM 925-960MHz 50W

2)DCS/PCS 1805-1990MHz 50W

3)3G 2110-2170MHz 50W

4)4G WIMAX 2300-2400MHz 50W

5)4G WIMAX 2500-2690MHz 50W

6)UHF 400-470 MHz 50W

7)VHF 135-174 MHz 50W

5. A set including:

1pcs*LX-7 car signal jammer

5pcs*80cm antenna

2pcs*120cm antenna

1pcs*Power Converter (to adapt Car 12V)

*Other neccessary accessories: Car charger, Connectors, Wires, etc.

*Outer Package: Durable 5layer K=K carton; Wooden Case Frame

*Inner Package: Aluminum Alloy Case with Pearl foam protection


latest company case about Customized Car Vehicle Anti RCIED Jammer for Iraq customer  0


B. School Jammer Solution: can shield phone VHF UHF signal in 300-500 square meter.

*Customized Frequency 10 channel to shield:

1)4G LTE 734-746MHZ 10W

2)GSM 925-960MHZ 10W

3)DCS 1805-1880MHZ 10W

4)PCS 1930-1990MHZ 10W

5)3G 2110-2170MHZ 10W

6)4G WIMAX 2300-2400MHZ 10W

7)4G WIMAX 2620-2690MHZ 10W

8)UHF 400-470 MHz 10W

9)VHF 135-174 MHz 10W

10)4G LTE 734-746MHZ 10W

*Kraft Paper Box including:

1pcs*signal jammer

1pcs*AC adapter (as Iraq/kurdistan)



latest company case about Customized Car Vehicle Anti RCIED Jammer for Iraq customer  1


Mr A.K ships these goods to Kurdistan by sea and receives it after a month on April. He make the repeating tests of these devices. The actual shield range is about 50meter of car jammer and 40meter of school jammer. He seems very satisfied and start to sell these items to his old and new customer.


He sometimes asks about the technical issues and we will keep online and reply him asap to solve his problems with engineer team idea.


Hope Mr.A.K can have time to visit our factory again. If not for coronovirus 2020, he said he is already in China and travel everywhere. He always say “China is a good place”, yes, i agree !


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