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UAV counter solution for Civilian airport

March 27, 2020

UAV counter solution for Civilian airport

     Civilian airport attaches high importance to the air security. Once risk occur, it need to be disappeared immediately to avoid large accident. At the same time, the invading UAV has a smaller size and faster speed, and the airport radar is not able to detect it usually. That caused a continous and dangerous airport accidents.

     So, UAV counter system is an absolute need for civilian airport air security. By checking the real environment of airport, a various combination of different UAV counter products can protect UAV invading more efficient and effective to shield and protect airport 360 degree no blind corner.


TX-JZ01 : large fixed UAV 360 degree 24/7 Use

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     Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd(Brand: TX) is the expert and manufacturer for UAV counter solution, with an enormous customization experience and technical key know how for airport, prison, military base station.

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