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The Types of UAV Drone Multicopters Jamming Device

August 4, 2020

The Types of UAV Drone Multicopters Jamming Device


The present drone jammer on market is mainly 5 types: gun type jammer, backpack type, suitcase type, trolleycase type, large fixed type, etc.

( TXtelsig - Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd- professional signal jammer )


1. Gun-type jammer drone device is light weight and small size, has block accurate, fast features.

Quickly shot down drones and multi-axis aircraft.

Jamming range: 1000-1500meter


2. Portable Backpack drone shield type can suits for soldier who are on walking

Jamming range: 1000-1500meter


3. Suitcase type anti uav defense system is easily taken everywhere and camouflage effect.

Jamming range: 1000-1500meter


4. Trolley case type drone signal jammer has anti bomb design and can taken everywhere fast and safe.

Jamming range: 1000-1500meter


5. Large fixed type drone uav jamming system:

360° jamming range 2000-3000meter,3-18 channels can add phone signal shield effect. Ip65 waterproof, RJ45 remote monitoring system


We self also develop drone related RF jammer modules, VCO, Gain Block, Other Accessories with wholesale competitive cost and fast delivery.



- Customized Solution of Large fixed drone jamming system 


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