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Strategic Commensense of TXtelsig and Korea HSC&D Company

November 19, 2019

Strategic Commensense of TXtelsig and Korea HSC&D Company


On 18th Nov. 2019, Mr. XiaoLin Li-TXtelsig Chairman of board has signed the Strategic Cooperation Contract with Korea company Human Space Consulting & Development (HSC&D). A new door has been opened in Korea market for TXtelsig UAV jamming devices.


We will then offer the high-end UAV jamming product and electronic parts to their company with a competitive price and good quality. We will also be stable partners to develop high-tech and key products in UAV and UAV jamming field.

HSC&D is known as the famous R&D company in drone filed, also reputed in drone engineering surveying. But HSC&D is soon aware of the pressing need of drone regulation product because the “black fly” is becoming a serious problem for airspace security, and more terrible, some poor motive person use the drone to sneaking shot and snooping others’ privacy, stealing the bussiness confidentials; and terrorists even act their violence via drones.


While TXtelsig is a developer and producer of high technology telecommunication product, we also provide our customers with marketing and technical support. Our main product is UAV signal jammers, GPS Signal jammer and Phone Signal blocker etc, owning TXtelsig-selfbrand intellectual property and appearance patent.


Thus we will make joint efforts and collaborative cooperation to secure the society privacy and assets.


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