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Princinple of UAV jammer

December 9, 2019

Princinple of UAV jammer

The UAV jammer will interfere the signal of remote control&navigation to force UAV return home, hover or forced-land ( different effects according to UAV design).

Generally, UAV jammer is to interpret three frequencies: remote control and photo transmission frequency 2.4G 5.8G and the location frequency 1.5G. Its unified design consists of the Signal transmitting antennas, Frequency modules, the power management&control unit and the Lithium battery.

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For example, the photo is our TX-Q-01 UAV jammer. Once the trigger pulled, this jammer will transmitt the wide band signal to interfere the UAV control signal. Then UAV can not receive the control signal of remote control and return home, hover or forced-land. Its shielding range

is up to 500-2000 meter.

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There are various types of UAV jammers, so it is neccessary for customers to choose a suitable one. Also, testing is a must step to check wheter it has a nice interfering effect in real application.


TXtelsig is the leading supplier of UAV jammer and its solution in China since 2014.