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Princinple of Phone signal jammer

December 18, 2019

Princinple of Phone signal jammer

The phone signal jammer interferes the mobile network with electromagnetism but it only interfere the downlink signal than uplink signal. In jamming area, the phone can not net in and receive network data, neither it can transmit the signal to other receivers.

The jamming signal must be much stronger than the mobile signal strength (BCH signal-Broadcase Channel Signal) in jamming area or the jammer won’t works effectively or not work. Also the interference range depends on the signal strength in jamming area.  Generally, the more phone signal is close to the base station, the stronger it is. Then the jamming area will be smaller at radius 0.5-9.0meter. Even when the jammer is quite close to the base station, it will lose the jamming effect. Conversely, the phone signal will be weaker and the jamming radius reaches over 5-50meter. So it is very important to know the mobile signal strength in jamming area to arrange the reasonable phone jammer quantity, installation place and phone jammers combination way, and interfere the mobile signal at a intended coverage accordingly.

For example, when the jamming range is within 200 meter, then one phone jammer is enough, hanged on wall at height 1-1.8 meter from floor. If larger than 200 meter, two or more jammer is necessary to put in front and back wall; If outdoors also larger than 1000 meter, multiple jammers should be adopted. Also, when the jammers are scattered in cellular way, they will have an optimum jamming effect. 

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Each country has a legal standard to adopt different frequency for various applications to avoid the mutual disturbing of signals. So when the mobile phone jammer interfere the phone signal, it will not influence other applications signal of Radio, TV and other electronic devices. At the same time, the phone signal jammer will only cut off the receiving or transmitting link between mobile phone and its Base Station, and has no bad effect to the mobile phone using.

Though the signal strength of jammer is stronger than BCH, Testings obviously show that it is still more weak than the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phone calling or network. It would not damage the human body health even used for a long time.