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Is the phone wifi signal jammer illegal ?

December 17, 2020

Is the phone wifi signal jammer illegal ?


Most countries forbidden the civilians to use signal jammers. Cause the legal law think the signal jammer will damge the freedom of civilian telecommunication and phone service provider profit, or generate telecommunication cheatings, etc.







But the signal jammers is actually selling well in over 80 countries. Shenzhen TeXin Electronics Co., Ltd company has stable and long term cooperative cusotmers over 80 countries in the last 10 years.

Also, personal customer can also purchase and own a signal jammer legally cause if their jammer application has no harm to civilian telecommunication, no cheating action, etc.


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If the jammer application is legal and reasonable, then the signal jammer is totally free to use by personal or other agency.The phone wifi signal jammer has a multiple and reasonable application in many places as below:

1) Avoid the illegal phone use at Prison, Detension house, Police station, Law court, Procuratorate,etc

2) Avoid the important document leaking or business secret leaking, such as in Real-estate transaction, Business conference room, Military Base and Important confidential site, Government sites, Admistration Department, Criminal case on site checking, Law enforcement, Critical Security sites, etc. 3)Avoid Hazadous place accidents caused by misuse of Phone Wifi signals, such as Petrol station, Chemical factory, Oil depot, Hazadous substance storage warehouse and assemblies, etc.

4)Avoid phone calls noise at Library, Movie theatre, Theatre, Concert hall, Memory hall, Auditorium, Church, etc.

5)Avoid examination cheating in school, training classes, sports competition,etc.

6)Avoid phone playing during working time; effectively avoid assembly injury and death accident for phone playing, improve working efficiency, such as Textile mill, Metallurgical plant, etc.


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