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How to install the handheld Car Phone Signal Jammer

December 17, 2019

How to install the handheld Car Phone Signal Jammer



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1. Product Description

Handheld car phone signal jammer transmit a wide-band interfering signal to mobile phone at a frequency of 870~880MHz, 930~960 MHz, 1805~1920MHz, 2010~2145MHz, 2400~2500MHz, 2300~2370MHZ, 2555~2655MHZ (not including the uplink working frequency of GSM, DCS, PCS, 4G, etc ).

It can cut off the wireless signal of the base station and mobile phone, like 2.4Ghz signal. Then, the phone in jamming area will not be used normally as signal blocking effect.

With a portable size, the car phone signal jammer works easily to block phone signals in various environments and different coverage.


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2. Installation

A. Take the jammer out from the package box

B. Rotate each antenna into its right position on the phone signal jammer, or it won’t work

C. The optimum height is 1 to 1.8 meter to install the phone signal jammer on wall

D. Firstly connect the 5V power input of AC adapter into the jammer, then insert the adapter in the socket

E. The indication light will be on when the power is turned on; Then it start working



3. Attention

A. Customer must rotate the antennas into the right position of jammer, then turn the power on

B. To avoid the blind corner, customer should put the jammer on the right position with good direction. Cause the effective jamming area is a circular area centred on the jammer.

C. The phone signal jammer should be put on the good-ventilation place, also preventing it from the large objects sheltering and strong heat-source electromagnetism for effecting its signal interference

D. Customer should not stack other objects up on the phone signal jammer or tear down the antenna when it is on working, as that will influence the jamming effect or damaging the jammer.

E. When the car phone signal jammer is not used, please turn off the power supply to avoid the normal use of mobile phone

F. Please pay attention to the waterproof issue when the car phone jammer is used outdoors

G. When the intended jamming area is larger than one jammer, more than one jammer in cellular installation can be adopted to ensure the effective jamming effect.

H. The original AC adapter and antenna in accessories can help achieve the optimum jamming effect

I. Please ensure the car phone jammer is away from the corrosive gas or liquid, and dustproof, dampproof, to avoid the aging of inner electronic parts

J. When the car phone signal jammer is installed outdoors, please make a protection device for it to preven it from damage of animals like mouse, ant, etc